How to Repair Broken Flex Cable

Hello friends today I will discuss here how you can repair any broken flex cable. The flex cable of the mobile gets broken due to any reason like the mobile gets broken many times when the mobile falls or while opening the battery we often cut the flex cable.

Also, there are many other reasons why the mobile flex cable gets cut, but whatever the reason is, i will discuss here how you can easily solve this problem.

I have discussed below what materials we need to do this work

Required Materials

Surgical blade 11

This blade is used for some cutting and some scratching purposes . Here I am cutting the flux cable with this blade and used it in scratch. Item Buy : online/offline

Flex paste

I used flux paste Mechanic AD559 here.


You can use any good solder for this type of work. I used 0.03 solder wire from Relife Company here

Jumper Wire

I use 0.009m jumper wire to make this type of micro jumper. I have used 0.009mm jumpers here along with 0.05mm jumpers to do this.

Sordering Station

Here I used t26 solder iron station, and band bit with it

UV Solder Mask

I am here at Mechanic UV Curing Solder Mask Inc .

UV solder mask is a special type of resin that hardens when exposed to UV light. It comes in different colors in a syringe type tube. With the help of this we will be able to tighten the place of the jumper. I have given the link to buy it online. item Buy : online/offline

UV Light

This is an ultra violet light that I use to dry the UV solder mask. this item buy link item Buy : online/offline

Golden Tape

I used this tab here to keep the flex cable from breaking again. Also it’s much more important. Golden tape Buy : online/offline

How to repair broken flex cable

live flex cable repair video

More information Search on Youtube Sandip Sarkar Channel

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