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today I will discuss about mobile display. Nowadays there are different types of mobiles in the market which have different models In this, many of us may not know that there are many different mobile phone models but the same display is matched in that model.

For example, there are some models of Samsung mobile phones that have the same display in different models. Thus Vivo/IQOO, Oppo/Realme, mi/Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO, Infinix/Tecno, Lava/Xolo, all these companies match the same display with different models.

I will first list the universal display combos and what models those displays will fit and then I will discuss below some of the popular displays that are currently in high demand.

Mobile Phone Display Combo Folder Universal Compatible model

The following list mentions the universal display models of oppo/realme/reno vivo/iqoo mi/redmi/poco Samsung techno infinix lava etc all mobile phone companies.

Universal Display List

  • Oppo A1k/ Realme C2
  • Oppo F1s A59 A1601
  • Oppo A3s/a5/realme 2/C1
  • OPPO A17 / A17K / A57 (2020) (Try and Check oppo A58/A78 5g/ OnePlus Nord N20 SE)
  • Oppo F9/F9pro/Realme 2 pro/U1
  • Oppo A5s/A7/A11K/A12/Realme 3/3i
  • OPPO A15/A15S/Narzo 20/30A/C11/C12/C15
  • Realme C11 2021/C20/C21/Narzo 50i
  • Realme Narzo N53/ Rmx3761/ RLM C53/RMX3762 /RLM C51/RMX3830
  • Realme c35/narzo50a (Try oppo A16/16s/ oppo a54/a56/ realme c25/ 25s)
  • Realme 9i/realme 10 5g/ realme10s
  • Realme C17/One Plus Nord N100/ A53/ Realme 7i/A33(New) A32/ A53S/A53 (2020)
  • Realme c21y c25y Single flex cable
  • Oppo A9 2020/oppo A5 2020/oppo A31 2020/ Realme C3/5/5S/5I/ Narzo 10A/20A/ (Try and Check Realme 6i oppo a11x /oppo A8)
  • Realme 6/7/Narzo 20 PRO
  • Oppo F19/F19s/F19 pro/F19 Pro+/ A74/Realme X7 5G/Realme 8/8 pro/RLM 7pro( Try and Check Reno 5z/5f/5k/5lite)
  • Oppo A92s 5G/Realme 8 5G / RLM 9 5G / Narzo 3/30 Pro 5G
  • Try and Check Oppo a52/A72/A92
  • try OPPO Reno 5 Lite / A74 4G / Reno4 SE / A94 4G / Reno 5 Z / Reno 6 Z / A74 4G / Reno 6 Lite / F19 / F19pro
  • Oppo K3/reno 2z/2f/Realme X
  • Oppo F15/F17/A91/K7/A73/Find X2 lite/Reno 3
  • OPPO A54 5G/CPH2195 A74 5G CPH2197/ A93 5G /Realme Q3 /ONEPLUS NORD N200
  • Realme C55/RMX3710 / REALMER 11 5G/RMX3780 REALME NARZO N55/RMX3710 OPPO A58/CPH2577 OPPO F23 5G/CPH2527 OPPO A79/CPH2553 REALME 11X 5G/RMX3785 REALME 60X 5G/RMX3782 REALME C67 5G/RMX3782 1+ NORD CE3 LITE 5G/CPH2467
  • OPPO A57 new/CPH2387 A17/CPH2477 A77/CPH2385 A77s/CPH2373 A17K/CPH2471 A78 5G/CPH2495 A18/CHP2591 A38/CPH2579 A59 5G/CPH2617

Oppo/Realme/Reno universal display combo PDF Download

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  • Vivo Y71/71i/V7
  • VIVO Y93 /Y95 /Y91 /Y91i /Y90/Y1S/U1
  • VIVO V11/V11i
  • VIVO Y81/Y81I/Y81S/Y83/pro
  • Vivo y85/V9/v9 youth v9pro
  • VIVO Y15/Y17/Y12/Y11/Y3/s/U10
  • Vivo y19/Y53s/U20/U3/IQOO Z5i
  • Vivo Y20/A/G Y20s/Y20i/ Y12S/ Y30 5G/Y01/Y15S
  • Vivo Y21/S/A/E/T/G Y02s Y16 Y30-5g Y15a 15c/Y32/Y33S 5G
  • Vivo Y33s/Y76s/Y76 5g/Y74s/Y33t/Y21t
  • Vivo y35/y31/y51 new
  • VIVO Y51 2020/Y31 2020/Y72/Y52S/Y53S/IQOO/Z3/U3/U3X
  • VIVO V20/V2021/V20/V2025/Y73/V2059/V23e 5g/ V2126/Y75 4G/V2117
  • Vivo Y75 5G / V2124 / T1 5G / V2141/ Y56 / V2225 /T2x 5G / V2253/ Y73S
  • Vivo V28/V2821/V2025 Y73/ V2059 V23e 5G / V2126 Y75 4G / V2117
  • Vivo Z1 pro/z5x
  • vivo S1/S1Pro/Z1X
  • Vivo Y33S/Y53S/Y31/Y51/Y51S/Y51-2020/Y72-5G/Y77-5G/Y56-5G/T2X-5G Universal Combo
  • More….

Vivo/iQOO universal display combo pdf

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  • Infinix Hot10(X682B) (682C) (X682) / Pova1 Pova(LD7)(LD7j) (Camon 16 (CE7) (CE7J) Hot10i(X683C) / Spark 6 (KE7) Not8i(X683)
  • Infinix Smart7Plus/X6517/ HOT30i/X669 S23/ POP7/BF6
  • itel A60/P40/ infinix Smart7(X6515) tecno Spark G2023/BF7/ POP 7 PRO / Spark10/10C(KI5K)
  • Infinix+Techno KG5K / KG5K / KG5Q / KG5P

Infinix try and checking

  • Infinix Hot 9/Hot 9 Pro/ Infinix S5/Infinix S5 Lite
  • Infinix Hot 9 Play/Smart 4+
  • Infinix Hot 10 Play/Hot 10 Lite/Smart 5
  • Infinix Hot 20/Infinix Hot 20 Play
  • Infinix Hot 12/Hot 12 Play/Infinix Note 12i
  • Infinix Note 12/Note 12 Vip/Note 12 (5G)/Note 12 Pro (5G)
  • Infinix Hot 8/ Infiniti Hot 8
  • more…

Infinix/Tecno/itel universal display combo pdf

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  • REDMI Note11/220111T1/ M Note 11S/ 2201117SI / M4Pro /2201117PI
  • C55/22127PC951/Red M12c/22120RM861
  • Mi5/redmi 5
  • Redmi 6/ 6A
  • Redmi 7 / y3
  • Redmi Y1/Y1 lite
  • Redmi Note 9 pro/note 9s/m2 pro/Poco X3Pro
  • Mi 9 /9Prime / Poco M2
  • Redmi 8 / 8a
  • Mi Redmi 9a / 9i /9C /10a/ Poco C3 /Poco C31
  • Redmi9 Power / Poco M3
  • Redmi note 7/7s/7pro
  • Not10s/ Not10 TFT/10pro/10max
  • Mi10 / Poco M45G / M5
  • Redmi K20/K20 Pro
  • Redmi note 10/10t/11se/m3pro 5g
  • Redmi note 11t/11lite/4g/5g
  • Redmi 11e/Poco M4 5G
  • More…

MI/XOAMI/Redmi/POCO universal display combo pdf

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  • Samsung J3/ J5
  • Samsung J7/ J7 Next
  • Samsung A01 core/m01 core
  • J6 Plus /J6 Prime /J4 Plus 2018 Model (SM-J610F /J415 /J415F /J410)
  • Samsung A11 / M11
  • Samsung A236U/ B A23 5G
  • Samsung A10/M10/M10S
  • Samsung A20/A20s
  • Samsung F12/A32-5G/M32-5G / M12 / M127F / M127G / A02/ M02/ A125 / A127
  • Samsung A30/A50/A50s
  • Samsung M30/M31/M30S/M31s/M21/F41
  • Samsung A71/M51/F62
  • Samsung A22 4G A225F/ F22/ A225F/DS A225M A225 /M22 M225
  • more Loading…

Samsung universal display combo pdf

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Lava Z61/Xolo Era 4X Same Display


  • LYF F220B/F211S/F320B

more Jio Phone Model…

इस सूची में अभी इतना ही, मैं समय-समय पर इस सूची को अपडेट करता रहूंगा

That’s it for now on this list, I will keep updating this list from time to time.

If there are errors in some list and if you have something to share then please comment me.

Currently HOT Selling and Popular Display

High Selling

Realme/Oppo C21Y Realme c20 Realme c3 Realme 6 realme c53 c51

Vivo Y91 Y20 Y21 Y17 Vivo T2X

mi/Redmi/Poco 9a/c31/3 m2 note10s

infinix/tecno/itel Hot10s A60 KG5K

Samsung A10

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