How Can i Learn Mobile Repairing

Hello friends, I am introducing myself to you first, My name is Sandip Sarkar and I live in India. My current job is mobile repairing, I have been involved in mobile repairing business since 2006, and I currently teach free mobile repairing on YouTube.
I have two channels on YouTube 1. SANDIP SARKAR and 2.  SS Fix In these channels I teach free mobile repair and discuss electronic technology. I also do web blogging and I provide free mobile troubleshooting on these platforms. Anyway now let’s talk about learning mobile repairing.

How Can i Learn

First of all, let’s talk about the problems of mobile. There are two types of mobile problems 1. Software problems and 2. Hardware problems. You must have these two knowledge to solve mobile problems. you need to be enrolled in an institute to learn mobile repair or you can learn mobile repair by going to a good technician Shop.

The Mobile Repairing Institute now teaches two types of mobile repair, 1. Through online and 2. Which is to learn offline by going to the institute. In my opinion mobile repairing is better taught offline.

You can also now learn free mobile repairing from YouTube. There are many channels on YouTube that teach mobile repairing for free. However, you can visit my Youtube channels to learn mobile repairing. I have uploaded advanced level videos from the basics of mobile repairing to my channels. Watch those videos and you can learn mobile repair.

I will give you detailed articles and photos on this website about the solution of mobile software and hardware problems. You can learn mobile repairing by looking at those articles and photos.

So far today! thank you

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